Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the Big CIty

So i'm sorry I haven't written in a bit but there is a lot to say.

1st I'm happy not to be in Village right now because it was a little tough before I left. We didnt have power (now for 4 months) and our phone service was going in and out. I also ran out of books which is not only inconvient but actually tragic when there is literally nothing else to do after about 6pm.

Some things I have been doing to stay sane and take advantage of Africa are the following.
1. Biking 12 K to the river and watching the hippos. There's a tower where you can sit and watch the river pass you by and the hippos swim around as well as the fisherman. I have learned though to wear pants when biking through the forest, otherwise you look like someone has taken a whip to your legs.

2. Hanging out with my neighbors. A couple of weeks ago I started taking my journal out into the courtyard and keeping my neighbor company when she cooks or washes clothing. She's a good companion that doesnt really bother me when I'm writing but shares bits of gossip. Her daughter does like to look over my shoulder and make comments like, "you write a lot" "you write fast"
"what are you writing" I am going to have to come up with better answers to these questions becaus I dont think I'm entertaining her.

3. I've been doing work for the conference that I am currently attending in Yaounde.

Now for my time in Yaounde! The Picture above is my friend Lisa and I at the observation deck of the Hilton hotel. We decided to get some mix drinks and hang out in a swanky joint. It costs a lot but its a alot of fun. If not just to ride the elevator

We also made Quiche and home fries and a salad. The market in Yaounde is amazing because you can buy all types of veggies and we found a beet! Here I am cutting the beet and looking like I'm bleeding.

We also recently got wireless internet so we are very happy and I can upload pictures!
But its not all fun and great food here in Yaounde, we also are working really hard on planning the training for tne new volunteers. Again no volunteer is from Arizona so I stand alone representing our state in Cameroon, but I am excited about helping out and meeting the new people. I just want everyone to know that I'm doing great and that I'll be here until the 27th or so, alors if you want to talk to me you can get on AIM or Gmail Chat and we can chat it up, its pretty funny because the Case looks just like my dorm lounge looked like in college. Everyone is sitting aroudn with a computer on their lap looking very focused and happy!

Anyway, love you all and miss you! -elyse